From frequent quarrels to harmony - Ved Ram

Ved Ram doing good business in his little shop

Ved Ram was born blind. He has four children: two daughters and two sons. His wife, who is a daily wage earner as a farm labourer is the only source of income. Fortunately for him, he has inherited a brick and mortar home to which our team was successful in getting a toilet added through a government scheme. Through a twist of fate when we reached his residence, his wife and he were in a loud, angry and accusatory argument with each other about money, or the lack of it. That gave us an opening we were seeking and the following day we visited him and counselled him that we may be in a position to help him. He heard us out patiently as we explained about AICB, DAB and our rehabilitation programme. So he became a willing learner.

His learning was impeded by his illiteracy and lack of discipline. Our field staff, used to such lack of attentiveness in clients soon motivated him in his learnings. He was delighted that he was able to recognize money and even more elated when he learnt to thread a needle. The fact that our team enabled him to get a toilet constructed boosted his self esteem. Calm and peace were restored in the household.

His house is strategically situated near a country main road. With the seed money, we facilitated the construction of a small wooden shed and shop at the crossroads. Being well situated, he now gets a constant stream of buyers. He averages sales of about Rs. 700 every day and is now the head of a happy family. His wife is pleased!

So are we at tranquillity and harmony on the home front.