Announcements for various awards

Dated: 07.06.2019

We are pleased to inform that with the financial support from Dr. Ved Prakash Varma, Retired Professor and former Head, Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, three awards have been established in memory of his wife and parents for outstanding blind students in the country.

These awards are

  1. “Krishna Kumari Varma Memorial Award”: The purpose of the Award is to encourage and inspire blind students to achieve the highest position in their post-graduate examinations. The Award is given to those blind students who secure the first or second position in their post-graduate examinations (except music and fine arts) in order of merit in any university recognized by the U.G.C. The selected blind person shall receive Rs. 21,000/-, certificate and memento.
  2. "Krishnawanti and Manoharlal Memorial Award”: two different awards are offered in this category
    1. Any blind student getting the first position in M.Phil examination in any recognized University can apply for this Award. An amount of Rs 25,000/-, a certificate and memento are awarded.
    2. Any blind person who has passed Civil Services Examination is offered the award of Rs. 51,000/-, certificate and memento.
  3. “Aket Kansil Memorial Award”: this award is instituted by Mrs. Anu and Mr. Ajay Kansil for those blind students who secure the highest percentage of marks in CBSE 12th exam. The awardee is offered Rs. 15,000/-, certificate and memento.

All the recipients shall receive the awards in a grand function on the birth anniversary of Louis Braille—4th January. The awardees and their escorts shall be offered AC 2 tier train fare on concessional rates and one night stay in a 4 star hotel.

For awards numbering 1 and 2 listed above, all requests in a prescribed form should reach this office by 31st October, 2019.

Click here to download the application form for AICB Krishnawanti & Manohar Lal award

Click here to download the application form for Krishan Kumari Award